Telco Partnerships with Content Providers Buoy Cord-Cutting Culture

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Telcos are catching on that consumers want choice, and just as importantly, they want perks. Major telco providers like T-Mobile and AT&T are differentiating themselves by partnering with content providers to offer customers special benefits.

Massachusetts is 1st State to Sue Equifax Over Data Breach

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While cyberattacks and data breaches have becoming increasingly prominent over the last several years, with hackers setting their sights on […]

The greatest challenge to the IoT may be the human touch

Since the idea first emerged, the Internet of Things and its concept of billions of previously unconnected, offline devices — […]

Are Shoppers Ready to Ask Alexa to Buy Their Groceries?

The world's major retailers and tech giants are fighting for a piece of the voice shopping market. The only question is, is there much to fight over?

[Podcast] Get a Good Bugle

Media watcher Sam Whitmore returns to Hacks and Flacks to talk the future of video content, the art of content distribution, the influence of politics in tech media, and the impact of all this on tech PR.

[Podcast] Doing One Thing Really Well

We speak to TUGG Executive Director Elizabeth Dobrska, covering the resources TUGG offers to help its portfolio companies hone their message.

[Podcast] Do You Know How to Make a Media List?

In this episode of Hacks and Flacks, March's Cheryl Gale and Liz Swenton Hosman share their perspectives on recruiting and hiring for a PR agency.

Amazon’s Eating the World, One Acquisition at a Time

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In a recent LinkedIn Pulse post, March's Zander Wharton argues that Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods should put many more companies on their heels.

Seeking Credibility, in News and PR

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In an era of increasingly prominent fake news, media consumers are looking for credible information from credible sources. What does this mean for the PR industry? March Vice President Meredith L. Eaton explores this phenomenon and more.

March Communications is Hiring

March Communications is currently seeking a Boston Account Executive with 3-4 years of tech PR agency experience.